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written by GORILLA ROI - updated November 5, 2019

Who doesn’t love new stuff?

Over the past few months, we’ve quietly pushed a lot of updates for Gorilla ROI users.

New features.

New downloads.

More updates.

Let’s go.

A brief outline of what has happened

(GorillaROI) New features and downloads ready 1

First thing is that Q1 has been a rush. Amazon is not slowing up, our sales are increasing and 2019 looks like another year of big growth.

We are going to start publishing more on the blog to share our short term goal of targeting $5M in revenue over the next 2-4 years.

That comes out to $420k revenue a month. We are currently half way there at $200k/mo, but it hasn’t always been pretty.

Note that I’m referring to revenue, not profit.

Our focus is to keep driving growth in order to bring our costs lower, scale for efficiency and then to start turn on the profitability tap. More on this at a later time.

I’ll share the joys and pains of what goes on.

If this interests you, subscribe to the blog and stay tuned for juicy and actionable content.

In addition to this, we’ve had our heads down

  1. researching and developing new products
  2. creating and optimizing systems and processes to simplify and automate areas of our business
  3. and of course coding and continually upgrading Gorilla ROI

Gorilla Agency is here

gorilla roi agency addon

Gorilla Agency is finally here.

Something a lot of you have been asking for. If you are a seller or agency managing multiple seller accounts, you can now combine it all with Gorilla Agency.

If you manage 5 brands, the problem is you have to:

  • log in to the account
  • export the data
  • process it
  • repeat 4 more times

With Gorilla Agency, you can now centralize the data and pull across all 5 seller accounts directly into Google Sheets with a single click.

No more wasting time on the little things. You can focus on better things.

To see the full details and learn more, check out the full page on Gorilla Agency and what you get.

New functions to pull data

amazon finances template
Amazon finances template

We’ve implemented finance related functions where you can pull in a detailed breakdown of what fees and other charges Amazon is making you pay.

It’s a great way to see in detail your Amazon finances with all the income and expenses in one very detailed view.

The new functions allow you to see the charges made by Amazon, and the fees for using their services.

  • =Gorilla_ChargeTotal() – shows all charges related to an order and shipment
  • =Gorilla_ChargeType() – shows the list of line items categorized as “charges”
  • =Gorilla_FeeTotal() – shows all fees related to an order and shipment
  • =Gorilla_FeeType() – shows the list of line items categorized as a “fee”
  • Full explanations available on the functions page

Want to see how it looks? Check it out with this preview.

New templates and documents

With the new addition of Gorilla Agency and the new functions ChargeTotal, ChargeType, FeeTotal and FeeType, new templates are available.

Log in to your account at app.gorillaroi.com to copy them over to your account to start.

It doesn’t end there.

For PRO Spreadsheet buyers, we are adding business and operational documents that should get you excited. We’ve uploaded a bilingual NNN agreement as well as another document we get all of our suppliers to sign.

It has saved our necks on many occasion.

Bilingual English and Chinese NNN Agreement for manufacturing
Bilingual English and Chinese NNN Agreement for manufacturing

If you try to create your own NNN agreement and then get it reviewed and translated by a Chinese lawyer, it will be north of $1,000. But we are throwing in this document as part of the PRO package to sweeten the deal.

If you have already purchased, log in and download your free upgrade today.

New preset periods for Gorilla ROI

I tend to analyze deeply. Sometimes too deep.

And I find myself constantly changing dates and checking different time periods. That’s why we offer so many preset time periods already. But we’ve added more to the mix.

With Gorilla ROI functions like RankHist(), SalesTotal(), and ChargeTotal() where you define dates, you can pull data by month and quarters.

  • =GORILLA_SALESTOTAL(“2019Q1”) returns sales total for 2019 Q1
  • =GORILLA_SALESTOTAL(“2019-03”) returns sales total for 2019 March

How it helps?

By being able to pull quarterly and monthly data, you can easily create monthly reports and track performance side by side.

More to Come

Only touching the surface of the new features you get access too. Pulling PPC data into Google Sheets is another major request which we are reviewing and will begin to work on.

If you are not a member of Gorilla ROI, learn about our products and see how you can increase efficiency and also lessen your workload by pulling Amazon Data into Google Sheets.

What is Gorilla ROI?

Gorilla ROI automatically pulls Amazon data into Google sheets for you to make sense of the data without the inconvenience of manually downloading, sorting and updating spreadsheets.

Learn how you can centralize your data and use it to increase your ROI.

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