Amazon data and features not supported by Gorilla ROI

written by GORILLA ROI - updated January 21, 2021

UPDATE: A page dedicated to what we do and do not supported is available.

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We support a lot of data and provide you with tons of flexibility and customizability.

However, we are also very clear about what we do not support and are not suited for.

  • Enterprises are not a good fit. Gorilla ROI is best for small to medium FBA businesses.
  • PPC data is not supported.
  • Accounting and tax remittance is not a service that we offer.
  • Data points that are not included in Amazon’s API are not provided.

Enterprise FBA Sellers Not Supported

Gorilla ROI is best suited for Amazon business that are considered small or medium sized.

Although we can handle thousands of data points, Google Sheets cannot handle the amount of data that we send to your sheet.

Gorilla ROI is a great data solution for sellers who do less than $50M in revenue.

PPC data not supported

Unfortunately, PPC is not supported as Amazon does not allow their PPC data to be loaded on a cloud spreadsheet software like Google.

This is why we only specialize in providing the best data format related to your product, sales, and inventory.

There is no other service that provides the depth and customizability that we offer.

The general rule is if it’s not in our Amazon Google functions page, we don’t support it.

Our functions page is a living document. The number of functions and examples continue to grow to make it easy for you to quick import data related to your products in convenient ways.

Sessions, conversion rates, page views not supported

The business reports data is not supported. Amazon does not provide this to any service provider. It is only available by logging into seller central directly.

Not an accounting or bookkeeping software

Unfortunately, there is no easy way of doing your taxes or bookkeeping. Manual reconciling is the best solution as a customer may return an item after 2 weeks, Amazon may reimburse lost packages, you mave have to request additional reimbursements.

Because there are so many different situations, automating the process will leave numbers lying in the cracks.

We provide detailed information like fees, charges, but our data does not go back into previous periods after the data has been synced. We only pull data on a going forward basis.

It can pull up-to-date data from the transaction reports, but it’s not meant to replace your accounting software or bookkeeping in any way.

Data points not offered by Amazon

If Amazon offers the data point, then we have it.

However, Amazon does not provide every data you see in seller central. A lot of the information in the detailed business reports are not included.

Things like:

  • pageviews
  • impressions
  • session percentage
  • buy box %

These are just some of the data points that Amazon does not provide to their software providers like Gorilla ROI.

Vendor Central

Gorilla ROI doesn’t support direct connection with vendor central. Only seller central is supported.

Gorilla ROI supports many functions in the Amazon API

Amazon data and features not supported by Gorilla ROI 1

Gorilla ROI does one thing best, pulling updated and accurate date from Amazon, but the integration with Google Sheets makes it versatile. It can accommodate power users and new users at the same time.

You don’t need to be a coder or a spreadsheet expert. All you need is some basic computer knowledge in tandem with your Amazon FBA knowledge. Let Gorilla ROI pull the data for you so you and your team can do the rest.

What is Gorilla ROI?

Gorilla ROI automatically pulls Amazon data into Google sheets for you to make sense of the data without the inconvenience of manually downloading, sorting and updating spreadsheets.

Learn how you can centralize your data and use it to increase your ROI.

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