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GORILLA_ASINLIST() – Get list of ASIN’s from your marketplace


Return a list of active and inactive ASIN’s from your marketplace(s).

GORILLA_ASINLIST([marketplace], [filter_sku])

OPTIONAL – Marketplace filter. Use All for all marketplaces and Default for the seller default. Other valid values are country codes US, IT, etc. or Amazon Marketplace ID like ATVPDKIKX0DER.

OPTIONAL – Part of an ASIN to filter result. The filter will act only on the start of the ASIN like ASINPART*.

Use ranges (e.g.A2:A100) in your formula wherever possible for quicker results and to prevent Google blocking your account for 24 hrs due to overloading their resources.

If no attributes are entered, it will list all your current active and inactive ASIN from all marketplaces.

Lists all ASIN’s from all marketplaces where the ASIN starts with “B43”.

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