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GORILLA_CHARGETOTAL() – Get financials breakdown of sales & charges related to sale of product

Sample Usage

=GORILLA_CHARGETOTAL("Last 30 Days","ALL", ,"ShippingTax", "shipment")


=GORILLA_CHARGETOTAL("Last 30 Days","ALL", ,"ShippingTax")
=GORILLA_CHARGETOTAL("This Year","default", , , "shipment")
=GORILLA_CHARGETOTAL("2019Q2","US","B038434K3", , "refund")

Empty variables are accepted if you want to skip over the optional ones.

=GORILLA_CHARGETOTAL("2019Q1", "US", "B00YD545CC", "All")
=GORILLA_CHARGETOTAL("2019-05", "US", "B00YD545CC", "All")

To get quarterly data use the format YYYYQ1, YYYYQ2, YYYYQ3, YYYYQ4 as the preset period.

To get monthly data, use the format YYYY-MM as the preset period.

Syntax Description

Get the financials breakdown of the sales and charges related to the sale of a product. Supports getting the total account financials or narrowing down by SKU.

IMPORTANT: This is NOT an accounting tool.

Amazon reports via the API are inconsistent and subject to change on a regular basis. Use this to identify areas of your business and spot anything that needs attention. It can help with tax returns, but should NOT be used solely for tax and financial statements.

A bookkeeper is required to match your numbers to the nearest cent.

GORILLA_CHARGETOTAL(period, [marketplace], [sku], [chargeType], [event])

for Gorilla Agency, the syntax is

GORILLA_CHARGETOTAL(sellerID, period, [marketplace], [sku], [chargeType], [event])


=GORILLA_CHARGETOTAL("SELLER37432", "2019Q1", "US", "B00YD545CC", "All")
=GORILLA_CHARGETOTAL("SELLER37432", "2019-05", "US", "B00YD545CC", "All")

Simplest formula allowed to return all sales and charges for the selected period. This will return an unsorted list of all the categories. For a more organized list, see the following examples.

=GORILLA_CHARGETOTAL("Last 30 Days","ALL", ,"ShippingTax", "shipment")


=GORILLA_CHARGETOTAL("Last 30 Days","ALL", ,"ShippingTax")

Will return the total ShippingTax related charges. sales and charges for the last 30 days. For the full list of periods, and the different types of charges you can narrow it down to, see the table after the examples.

=GORILLA_CHARGETOTAL("This Year","default", , , "shipment")

Returns all shipment related sales and charges for this year to date, default marketplace and for all charges. No sku has been specified and so it will pull for total SKU’s.

=GORILLA_CHARGETOTAL("2019Q2","US","B038434K3", , "refund")

Returns all refund related charges for Q2 of 2019, in the US marketplace, for ASIN B038434K3.


Returns all adjustment related charges for the last 30 days across ALL marketplaces. Sku’s have been left out which will default to all sku’s


Returns all other charges that are not grouped under shipment, refund, adjustment. Returns values for Q1 of 2019 for German marketplace.

For Gorilla Agency, the formulas will start with the seller ID:

=GORILLA_CHARGETOTAL("SELLER384k3", "Last 30 Days","ALL",,"ShippingTax", "shipment")
=GORILLA_CHARGETOTAL("SELLER384k3", "Last 30 Days","ALL",,"ShippingTax")
=GORILLA_CHARGETOTAL("SELLER384k3", "2019Q2","US","B038434K3",, "refund")


Period Attribute:

Today This month Last 12 Months
Yesterday This quarter Last 7 Days Week Ago
Same day last week This year Last 7 Days Year Ago
Same day last month This Year-to-Last-Month Last 30 Days Month Ago
Same day last year Last Week Last 30 Days Year Ago
Last 7 Days Last Month Last Week Year Ago
Last 14 Days Last Quarter Last Month Year Ago
Last 30 Days Last Year YYYY-MM (set format as text)
This week Last 60 Days YYYYQ1… YYYYQ4

ChargeType Attribute:

To get the names of all chargetype in the spreadsheet, enter =gorilla_chargetype()

CODItemCharge MarketplaceFacilitatorTax-Principal
CODItemTaxCharge MarketplaceFacilitatorTax-Shipping
CODOrderCharge PaymentMethodFee
CODOrderTaxCharge PointsFee
CODShippingCharge Principal
CODShippingTaxCharge RestockingFee
CollectOnDeliveryRefund ReturnShipping
CollectOnDeliveryRevenue SAFE-TReimbursement
Discount ShippingCharge
ExportCharge ShippingTax
FreeReplacementReturnShipping Tax
GenericDeduction TaxDiscount
Giftwrap TCS-CGST
GiftwrapTax TCS-IGST
Goodwill TCS-SGST
MarketplaceFacilitatorTax-Giftwrap TCS-UTGST

Event Attribute:

Shipment CouponPayment
Refund Adjustment
GuaranteeClaim Other

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