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GORILLA_INVENTORYRESTOCK() – Get inventory restock data based on the restock reports

Sample Usage


Syntax Description


Get inventory restock data based on the restock report for a list of SKUs or ASINs


GORILLA_INVENTORYRESTOCK(sku, [marketplace], [condition], [datapoint], [totaldayssupply], [header])

for Gorilla AGENCY, the syntax is

GORILLA_INVENTORYRESTOCK(sellerID, sku, [marketplace], [condition], [datapoint], [totaldayssupply], [header])


SKU or ASIN. Select or enter a range of values.

marketplace – OPTIONAL

Marketplace filter. Use All for all marketplaces and Default for the seller default. Other valid values are country codes US, IT, etc. or Amazon Marketplace ID like ATVPDKIKX0DER.

condition – OPTIONAL

Return only data for specific product condition. Default is empty value for any condition type.

Other Valid values are:

  • New
  • Used

datapoint – OPTIONAL

Data points supported by the function. Default value is an empty value. This will return all the data points.

  • Condition
  • DaysOfSupply
  • Alert
  • RecommReplenishmentQty
  • RecommShipDate
  • CurrMonthMaxInvThreshold
  • Utilization
  • MaxShipmentQty

totaldayssupply – OPTIONAL

Default is set to “ALL”.

Returns restock data with ‘Total Days of Supply’ less than or equal specified days. Valid value: numbers under 365 or all (default).

header – OPTIONAL

default is set to “FALSE”.

Show column header when data point is not specified, TRUE to show header, FALSE (default) to not show it.



Returns the full restock report for the SKUs or ASINs listed in A1:A100 for the US market.

The TRUE parameter generates a table header.


The simplest form where the SKUs or ASINs are listed in A1:A100. This will display the full table with all the datapoints. No table header is generated. Only the raw data.


This loads the data only for “MaxShipmentQTY” for the SKUs in A1:A100. Enter the datapoint manually to define which datapoint you wish to see.

For Gorilla AGENCY, the formulas will start with the seller ID:


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