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GORILLA_LOWESTOFFER() – Get the lowest offered listing price from any seller

Sample Usage

=GORILLA_LOWESTOFFER(“738-JDUY-32F”, “default”, “fullwithheader”)

Syntax Description

get lowest offer listing for product


Get the lowest offered listing price from any seller.

Similar to lowestprice(), but it will load the lowest listing price even if there is only one seller.


GORILLA_LOWESTOFFER(sku,[marketplace], [returnStyle], [priceType])

for Gorilla Agency, the syntax is

GORILLA_LOWESTOFFER(sellerID,sku,[marketplace], [returnStyle], [priceType])


SKU or ASIN of the product. Can be an array of strings like {“SKU12345″,”ASIN12345”} or a string.  

marketplace – OPTIONAL

Marketplace filter. Use All for all marketplaces and Default for the seller default. Other valid values are country codes US, IT, etc. or Amazon Marketplace ID like ATVPDKIKX0DER.

returnStyle – OPTIONAL

Formatting of how the results are displayed. Valid values are:

  • Full 
  • Fullwithheader 

priceType – OPTIONAL

Value to return. Valid values are: 

    • LandedPrice
    • ListingPrice
    • ShippingPrice
    • RegularPrice



Uses the ASIN or SKU entered in cell D2 and shows the lowest price being offered for the SKU. The single lowest price is returned after comparing against all sellers.

=GORILLA_LOWESTOFFER(“738-JDUY-32F”, “default”, “fullwithheader”)

Entering all the attributes will display the full list of all offers on the listing. If there are multiple sellers for the SKU, this formula will create a row for each seller and display the full stats of each seller.“Default” refers to your main marketplace. “Fullwithheader” creates another row before the results with the table headers to make it easy to identify.


Supports 2 dimensional ranges. Also works horizontally. Bulk return an array of values by assigning the range of the SKU. In this example the SKU or ASIN is listed in A2:C10 and returns all values at once. Can also work for rows and ranges like A1:Z1 or D3:G37.

For Gorilla Agency, the formulas will start with the seller ID:

=GORILLA_LOWESTOFFER(“SELLER3729”, “738-JDUY-32F”, “default”, “fullwithheader”)

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