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GORILLA_RATINGS() – Get average review rating for product

Sample Usage


Syntax description

show average review


Get the average review rating of a product. Only works for single marketplaces at a time. Not “ALL”.


GORILLA_RATINGS(sku, [marketplace])

for Gorilla Agency, the syntax is

GORILLA_RATING(sellerID, sku, [marketplace])


SKU or ASIN of the product. Can be an array of strings like {“SKU12345″,”ASIN12345”} or a string.


OPTIONAL – Marketplace filter. Use Default for the seller default. Other valid values are country codes US, IT, etc. or Amazon Marketplace ID like ATVPDKIKX0DER.


Use ranges (e.g.A2:A100) in your formula wherever possible for quicker results and to prevent Google blocking your account for 24 hrs due to overloading their resources.


Returns the review rating for ASIN B00YD545CC for Canadian marketplace.


Supports 2 dimensional ranges. Bulk return an array of values by assigning the range of the SKU or ASIN. In this example the SKU or ASIN is listed in A2:A10 and returns all values at once. Can also work for rows and ranges like A1:Z1 or D3:G37. Default marketplace data is returned as no marketplace is set.

gorilla ratings

For Gorilla Agency, the formulas will start with the seller ID:


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