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GORILLA_SNSPERFORMANCE() – Get Subscribe and Save performance report data

Sample Usage

=GORILLA_SNSPERFORMANCE(A3, “US”, “singleDataPoint”, “DaysOfSupply”)
=GORILLA_SNSPERFORMANCE(“2022-12-31”, “FR”, “singledatapoint”, A2:G2)

Syntax Description

GORILLA_SNSPERFORMANCE() – Get Subscribe and Save performance report data 1


Return the subscribe and save performance report for the skus that are activated in your account.


GORILLA_SNSPERFORMANCE(start_date, [filter], [marketplace], [returnStyle], [datapoint])

for Gorilla AGENCY, the syntax is

GORILLA_SNSPERFORMANCE(sellerID, start_date, [filter], [marketplace], [returnStyle], [datapoint])

start_date – REQUIRED

Enter as YYYY-MM-DD format. Gets the closest matching SNS report based on the date.

filter – OPTIONAL

SKU or ASIN to filter the results. Can be a range of values like A1:A100 or SKU111, SKU222, SKU333 or ASIN123.. Filter is mandatory when returnStyle is singleDataPoint.

marketplace – OPTIONAL

Marketplace country filter. Country codes are US, CA, MX, BR, UK, DE, ES, IT, FR, NL, SE, TR, IN, SE, AU, SG, JP. Use ALL to combine values from a single account, EU for all Europe markets EXCEPT UK, EURO to combine countries using EURO currency. Amazon Marketplace ID like ATVPDKIKX0DER can be used too.

returnStyle – OPTIONAL

Return style (defaults to fullWithHeader).

Possible values

  • full
  • fullWithHeader
  • singleDataPoint. SKU filter and datapoint are mandatory when using singleDataPoint.

datapoint – OPTIONAL

Return data for specific data point.

Default is empty value which shows “full” returnStyle. Can be a range of values like A1:S1.

Valid values:

  • wStartDate
  • DaysOfSupply
  • productName
  • country
  • unitsShipped
  • oosRate
  • salePrice
  • discount
  • offerState



Date is required. Format is in YYYY-MM-DD. Can be entered directly or reference a cell that contains the date. This formula pulls the SNS Performance report with a start date closest to the entered period.


This formula will generate a table of results of all the data provided from the performance report for the SKU “SKU1111” in the US market with the starting date closest to 2022-01-01. The table auto generates headers.

=GORILLA_SNSPERFORMANCE(A3, “US”, “singleDataPoint”, “DaysOfSupply”)

This will load the single data point for days of supply for the US market where the period is defined in cell A3.

=GORILLA_SNSPERFORMANCE(“2022-12-31”, “FR”, “singledatapoint”, A2:G2)


This will pull the SNS performance report closest to the start date of 2022-12-31 for the French market. It will pull data where the data points are entered in A2 to G2.

For Gorilla AGENCY, the formulas will start with the seller ID:

=GORILLA_SNSPERFORMANCE(SELLERID, A3, “US”, “singleDataPoint”, “DaysOfSupply”)
=GORILLA_SNSPERFORMANCE(SELLERID, “2022-12-31”, “FR”, “singledatapoint”, A2:G2)

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